Category: Beam Punch Lines
Manufacturer: Peddinghaus

Process 12 x1" plate AND 8 x 8 x 3/4" angle in one machine! Deliver parts for Just In Time fabrication ahead of schedule. The single cut shear on the Peddinghaus Angle line minimizes scrap and material handling. Double punch capability allows for punching different sizes without stopping production or punching two holes at one time.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Patented Entry and Exit Measuring wheel ensures accuracy for “end of material” measuring no matter your angle bar length. Safeguard your reputation by producing Accurate parts quicker than your competitors 100% of the time.

One Pass Technology

Angles and flats are processed in one pass, reducing set-up time and delivering true punching performance.


We believe reliability is just as important as speed and accuracy. The rugged steel frame construction assures long machine life which equates to more years of profit making potential for your firm.

Rollerfeed Measuring

Minimize inventory and increase through put by loading material outside your shop. Roller feed technology provides more benefits over measuring carriage systems including: flexible material flow, reduced maintenance, no lost cycle time to clamp and unclamp, continual processing speed, and no problems associated with coped or cambered sections.

Single Cut Shear “Where speed is”
Full material utilization with no scrap loss. Optimized software helps to protect your investment.

What is the difference between a single cut and a double cut shear?

5-15% less scrap material!

A single cut shear produces no scrap when shearing your part. Double cut shears leave an average .5 inch scrap slug every time you produce an angle clip.

Unparalled Production

Two men may produce 4160 Clips in one month working 40 hour weeks.
An Anglemaster will produce the same in less than 17 hours, with one operator.

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