AFPS 643

Category: Beam Punch Lines
Manufacturer: Peddinghaus

The High Speed Cost Cutting Solution to Angle Processing

The Anglemaster 643/Q allows for high speed production of angle components utilizing a powerful single cut shear, 2 different tool sizes per leg of angle, and innovative marking systems for clear and concise part organization. Combined with the industry standard Roller measurement this flexible and efficient machine is the perfect cost eliminator for fabricators big or small.

Accuracy, Flexibility, and Efficiency with Roller Measurement

The precision and flexibility of Roller measurement perfected only by Peddinghaus can be seen in the shops of successful fabricators all over the globe no matter what the application: industrial, commercial, or tower manufacturing.

Two Options for Part Marking Perfect for Any Application

The 643/Q offers two different marking solutions to fabricators. The SignoMat hard stamping wheel (pictured) allows for high speed marking of profiles at approximately 1 character per second. The optional SignoScript allows for the scribing of multiple depths, orientations, and sizes without the need to change tooling – perfect for applications where galvanizing is required.

Multiple Tool Sizes to Minimize Tool Change

Two tools are available for use in each leg of the angle being processed minimizing the required tool change for complex parts, or multiple different part programs in a single nested stock length. The multiple punches utilize 75 tons / 66 metric tons of punching power to create rounds, slots, or squares with ease.

Powerful Single Cut Shear

The robust design of the 643/Q Angle Line boasts a 230 ton / 209 metric ton single cut shear for processing angle up to 6×6×5/8" – 152×152×25mm angle with ease.

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