Category: Beam Punch Lines
Manufacturer: Peddinghaus

Utilizing a rugged roller measurement system, triple tool punch press, powerful shear, and unique revolving punch mechanism the Peddinghaus Revolution Anglemaster is capable of punching and shearing angle and plate as well as punching channel up to 12" (300 mm) wide. This user friendly innovation from Peddinghaus makes use of all the industry's latest software innovations and is fully compatible with modern BIM programs as well as production control protocols.

Triple tool punching on this latest generation of Anglemaster technology brings a new level of efficiency to fabricators all over the world. The 144 (130 metric) ton punch press processes 8×8×1" (200×200×25mm) angle and 12×1" (300×25mm) plate with ease.

Shearing materials up to 1" (25mm) in thickness are no issue with the Peddinghaus REVOLUTION angle line. Clip angles, angle bracing, angle detail, plate detail, and base plates are processed with ease on this one-of-a-kind industry innovation.

The rotation of the Revolution angle line punch press is made possible by a set of custom precision rails. These rails assure durability and accuracy of your machine tool investment and help make this industry revelation come to life.

The SignoPlate part marking system is capable of holding up to 44 characters and can stamp on either leg of angle being processed due to the rotation of the punch press.

Punch slugs are automatically captured and sent to a convenient slug container for fast and effective removal.

The new dual CNC/PC control panel offers simple operation with the ability to quickly modify programs as needed at the machine.

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