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Press Brake Accessories, Tooling, CNC Gauges, etc

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Press Brake Accessories, Tooling, CNC Gauges, etc

Press Brake Tooling (punches and dies), quick change tooling, CNC Back Gauges, Crowning Systems (to eliminate shimming), and Accessories assure accurate bends.

Multiway Die, 4" x 4" x 12' L

European Style 7-Way Die

Stock Number: UM9121-150

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Stock Number: UW3034-143

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10' Wila'

T9 Bolt Down Manual Crowning Unit

Stock Number: UW3130-143

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Press Brake Tooling Die Cart

Cart Only (no tooling)

Stock Number: UM9328-150

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4WH2-3 4-Way Die Holder

3.5" H x 2.75" W x 8' L 4-Way Die Holder with tang

Stock Number: UM9855-150C

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3" x 4" STAND. DIE RAIL X 14'

DH 3-4 Standard Die Rail - Flat Bottom

Stock Number: UK7502-150

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Wila Compensating Die Holder

Model E3-14, 14' Long, Manual Adjustment

Stock Number: UM8737-150

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Automec CNC 1000/G24HD Autogauge System

Model CNC 1000 Control with G24HD Autogauge

Stock Number: UK7675-150

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New Power Brake Dies Compensating Die Rail

10' long

Stock Number: UM10946-150

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Automec Front Gauge

Stock Number: UW3947-150

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Stock Number: UI1978-150

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Accurpress Manual Back Gauge

Model ETSM, 4' Gauge Bar length

Stock Number: UM11050-150

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12' Power Brake Dies Compensating

Model PBDC 404 Compensating Die Holder. 3-1/4" block size

Stock Number: UM11192-150

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12' 4 Way-Die and 4-Way Die Holder (set)

JUST SOLD! Model 4W-10 4-Way Die and 4WH10-3 4-Way Die Holder sold as set

Stock Number: UM11253-150

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Accurpress 12' 4-Way Die And 4-Way Die Holder (set

Model 4W-2 4-Way Die and 4WH2-2 4-Way Die Holder, Sold as set

Stock Number: UM11315-150

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Adjustable Manual Crowning Unit

Stock Number: UK7822-150

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4-Way Die x 12' Long

Stock Number: UK7823-150

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