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Rolls, Power Plate and Sheet

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Rolls, Power Plate and Sheet

Slip Rolls, Plate Rolls, Initial Pinch Rolls, 4-Roll and 3-Roll machines bend, roll and form cylinders, tanks, windtowers and pipes to various diameters in all kinds of sheet metal and plate.

Alias Names:
Plate Bending Rolls

16 GA x 5' LOWN

Includes Electric Foot Trip, Fwd/Rev Foot Switch

Stock Number: UM11354-148

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48" Forest Power Roll

Stock Number: UM11330-148

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48" Forest Power Roll

Stock Number: UM11331-148

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36" Power Crimping Roll

Includes Fwd/Rev Switch. Manual Open End. Price on Request.

Stock Number: UM11399-148

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14 GA X 5' Wysong

Model B-60

Stock Number: UI2063-148

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14 ga. x 15' Bertsch

Model 7 with 8" Top Roll. (5) Forward & Reverse Speeds. Column Cover Machine for Rolling Composite & Aluminum Materials

Stock Number: UM9146-148

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10 Ga x 10' Nova Fabricating

3-Roll Initial Pinch Plate Roll, Hydraulic Rear Roll, Hydraulic Open End, Manual Bottom Roll, Brake Motor.

Stock Number: UM11278-148

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3/16" X 5' Rolshear Plate Roll

Model 3-D-5

Stock Number: UI1967-148

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1/4" X 4' Webb Roll

Slip Roll, Model R-3-L-R

Stock Number: UI2043-148S

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CNC Hyd. 4 Roll, approx. 7.48" Top Roll Diameter

Stock Number: UM11175-148

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1/4" X 12' Akyapak

Stock Number: UW4048-148C

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3/8" x 8' Webb

Model 6L-C3-1, Variable Speed Drive. F.O.B. Ship Point in Kansas (prior to removal)

Stock Number: UK7811-148

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1/2" x 6' Montgomery

Model 4R7250 Four Roll Hydraulic Plate Roll with Material Support

Stock Number: UM11059-148

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1/2" X 6' J.M. Montgomery

Stock Number: UW4041-148

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1/4" x 10' Webb

Model 6L-54

Stock Number: UK7833-148

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1/2" x 10' Bertsch

Model 11, Plate Roll

Stock Number: UI2002-148S

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1/2" X 10' J.M. Montgomery

Stock Number: UW4072-148

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1/2" x 10' Davi

Model MCB 3028, 3/8" x 10' pre-bending, Synchronized Parrallel Control system

Stock Number: UK7814-148

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1/2" x 10' Faccin

Stock Number: UK7867-148

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1" x 10' Faccin

Stock Number: UK7859-148S

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1-1/2" x 10' Davi

Model MCB 3145, Control Console, Digital Readouts, New Hyd Pump & Guide Bushings.

Stock Number: UK7816-148S

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