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Presses, Mechanical

Mechanical flywheel presses with pneumatic clutches utilized for stamping or forming including single point presses, gap frame presses, two point gap frame presses, straight side presses.

Alias Names:
OBI Presses
Straight Side Presses

45 Ton Walsh

Model No. 45XAC

Stock Number: UM7353-125S

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50 Ton Bliss OBI Mechanical Press

Model 21B, 29-1/2" x 19-1/2" Deep Bed, 9"x6" Dayton Rogers Cushion(100PSI), Air Clutch Machine With 6" Stroke, TRIAD Diagnostic Display To Monitor Brake & Stroke, Palm/Foot Switch Operation, Inch,Single,Cont. Stroke Switch.
Wired ___V/3P Stock Number: UM11477-125

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100 Ton Rousselle

Model 10SS60 Straight Side Punch Press, VIDEO

Stock Number: UM10099-125S

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150 Ton Niagara OBI

Stock Number: UK7850-125

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200 Ton Stamtec Press

Stock Number: UK7907-125

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300 Ton Bliss

Model S2-300 F.O.B. Ship Point. As-Is, Where-Is price shown.

Stock Number: UM11404-125BSX

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