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Press Brakes, Mechanical and Air

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Press Brakes, Mechanical and Air

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Brakes, Mechanical & Air

14 Ga x 18" Whitney Jensen

Model No. 247

Stock Number: UM10156-107

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25 Ton x 8' Chicago

Model 285 with Rear Op. Manual BG, Variable Speed, & Die Rail

Stock Number: UM11102-107

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45 Ton x 8' Wisconsin

Model 8FM, 24" Front Operated Manual Backgauge, 8' x 4" Die Holder, F.O.B. Hopkins, MN. VIDEO

Stock Number: UM11011-107S

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55 Ton x 14' Dreis & Krump

Model No. 1214B, Front Operated Manual Backgauge, Air Foot Trip, VIDEO

Stock Number: UM9397-107

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90 Ton x 12' Chicago Dreis & Krump

Model 1012-L with 30" Front Operated Backgauge, 12' Die Holder, (2) 12" Front Support Arms. F.O.B. Hopkins, MN

Stock Number: UM11010-107S

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